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There's no quick fix for this one, sis. Show that hair some love.
Taking care of your nature given crown is important,darlings. While it can be stressful sometimes, it has to be done. Call it a necessary evil,if you will. Lots of women are stuck with their full manes and have not a single idea what to do with it by themselves. Better Hair For You is here for you. To the rescue! It is really not rocket science. Here are some tips to guide you and make things simpler.

1. Girl, remember to slap on the pre-poo for at least 30 minutes to an hour before proceeding. Shampooing strips our hair of nutrients and pre-pooing is your hair's super man that would protect your strands and reduce stripping to the barest minimum. You can pre-poo with oils and butters ranging from shea butter to coconut oil to palm oil. Yes,boo...palm oil. What is pre-pooing? It's just the more fun alternative to say in place of 'pre shampooing".

2. Wash your hair in sections,sistur. Four to Six sections would do. This should help with the detangling process as you would have smaller portions to work with at a time. You must only detangle with wide tooth combs or your fingers. Yes,you do have to detangle otherwise your hair would be in knots when you are done washing it and when it dries up? Oh,the horror!

3. When shampooing your hair, please,please and please, only apply the shampoo to your scalp. That is where you have got dirt and product build up. The lather from the shampoo as you wash will cleanse the strands, don't worry.

4. Moisturize your hair! You will not retain length if you keep leaving you hair dry, it's hair not a magician. It will keep breaking. To retain moisture, you simply use the LCO method. This is the Liquid_Cream_Oil method. Get a spray bottle or a water based leave in conditioner for liquid,then you go in with your curling custard or whatever cream you have then seal it with an oil. Please, do not use the palm oil for this process because you won't be washing it our for a week or two depending on your routine and we don't want you smelling like, well....like red oil. You are not a palm fruit.

Oh and PS; even if your hair is in cornrows, do not be perturbed (oouu,big word) or put off of wash day. Just follow the same steps too and you will be alright.

I hope you find these tips helpful, lovelies. XoXo.

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