5 Facts About Natural Hair

September 25, 2019 • byAzuka Muoh

Hey queens.
It's a known African belief that a woman's hair is her pride and crown. Therefore, it is only right that we know as much about our hair as possible. Here are 10 fun facts about our hair that many people don't know.

Hair is mostly made up of keratin. It is the exact same protein that we find in our nails and the outer layer of our skin. It also makes up the claws, hooves, horns and feathers of animals.

Hair has the tendency to grow quicker in warmer climates. In other words, heat stimulates blood circulation in the human human body including the scalp thereby encouraging hair growth. (Please, we didn't say you should be standing under the sun everyday to stimulate blood flow. Don't do it).

Black is the most common hair color and red is the rarest. Dark hair colors generally are the most common but black is the king here.

Cutting your hair doesn't have an effect on how fast it will grow afterwards. This is a "bubble burster" because many of us have grown up thinking the exact opposite. "My mother said if I cut my hair, it will grow with speed". Sorry,honey. Mommy lied.

What other facts do you know about that were left out? Let us know!

I hope you find these tips helpful, lovelies. XoXo.

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