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Can't come and kill yourself?

Heat, traffic, noise. Lagos is stressful. Getting your hair done doesn't have to be.

  • Convenient Hairstyling at the comfort of your home
  • Avoid the hustle and bustle
  • Stay at home, We'll come to you!

Flaunt your new hair-do without pain.

No uncomfortable sleeping positions. Have a good night's rest from the very first day you make your hair. Enjoy premium hairstyling that is cost effective without compromising your standards.

  • Painless
  • Long-lasting
  • Quick and cost effective

We care about your hair.

Custom-made haircare routines, hair extension revamp, protein treatment, name it. The ultimate haircare service at your finger tips.

  • Healthy haircare services
  • Custom products just for you
  • Informative blog posts

What We Do

Better Hair For You offers convenient, affordable haircare and styling services. Let's work on your hair, from roots to ends!


About Better Hair For You

Better Hair For You was inspired by our chief stylist's love for the stress free life, and utter annoyance at the hustle and bustle of the city that never sleeps- Lagos. When we are not running from house to house, making women in suits and heels beautiful, we eat suya and stay happy. Because well, we can't come and kill ourselves.



Wash Day! Here are tips to avoid being drained from this rigorous activity.

Azuka Muoh Sept 20, 2019 DIY

Taking care of your nature given crown is important,darlings. While it can be stressful sometimes, it has to be done. Call it a necessary evil,if you will. Lots of women are stuck with their full manes and have not a single idea what to do with it by themselves. Better Hair For You is here for you. To the rescue!

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Knotless braids: The Holy Grail of Hair Extensions

Azuka Muoh Oct 18 2019 All New!

From when we were little girls, to preteens, and now adults, pain and headaches whenever we get new braids done have been a universal language amongst black women of all tribes. However In the last few months, hair makers have come up with a potential solution to braid induced headaches: Knotless braids.

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5 facts about natural hair

Azuka Muoh Sept 25, 2019 Naturalistas!

Hey queens. It's a known African belief that a woman's hair is her pride and crown. Therefore, it is only right that we know as much about our hair as possible. Here are 10 fun facts about our hair that many people don't know.

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